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We call Simeone Plumbing for all of our household plumbing work. They have helped us by providing timely and accurate estimates, fair prices, and work that is done both quickly and well. We have referred other family members to Dominic & Gina and they have all been very satisfied with their work, too. Finding a plumber used to be a difficult chore…now we call Simeone with confidence that the job will be done right!
Matthew V.
Santa Rosa, CA

We just opened a wine and beer bar in eastern Santa Rosa from a converted cyclery. Dom and his crew were on top of it from the start, even though there was not really any existing plumbing. Always prompt, knowledgeable and thorough from start to finish. Gina at the office always made sure everything ran smoothly solved any issues that arose. In a time when it is difficult just to get a call back from a plumber, this was a fantastic surprise.Michael S.
Sonoma, CA

Dominic and Gina at Simeone have been great to work with for the past 2 or 3 years. We own a small resort in Guerneville and have found that they do great work in a timely manner for a reasonable price. Our experience with them is much like Lynette’s.Lynn S.
Guerneville, CA

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