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Hydronics in Santa Rosa

Servicing Hydronic Pipe Systems

While many people have forced air heating, hydronic systems have become more popular due to their efficiency. At Simeone Plumbing, Inc, we are known for providing reliable plumbing repair maintenance, and installation work for all types of plumbing systems. This includes hydronic systems, which take special training and knowledge to troubleshoot and service. Whether you already have a system in place that needs maintenance or repairs or you want to hire a Santa Rosa hydronic system expert for a new installation, we can help.

Our capabilities with hydronic systems include:

  • Inspecting and servicing the heat source of your system
  • Installing and replacing hydronic systems
  • Repairing issues of your hydronic system

When we show up and initially inspect your system, we will provide you with a report of anything we find before making repairs or changes. Our goal is to find a solution that best fits your needs and budget.


To make an appointment for service with a Santa Rosa plumber, call us today at (707) 414-3995.

How Do Hydronic Systems Work?

Modern hydronic systems are basically made up of a boiler or heater and a series of pipes. The system works by heating the water with gas or electricity to about 120-140 degrees. The water is then distributed through the pipes that run throughout your home. The result of hydronic systems is radiant heat being distributed evenly. These pipes can have a number of different arrangements but ultimately the result is the same. Some hydronic systems also use the same principle when cooling a home with the addition of a chiller, in addition to the boiler, to cool the water that will be distributed in the pipes.

Benefits of Hydronic Systems

Hydronics is an excellent choice if you would like to have heat spread evenly throughout your home rather than forced air. Some homeowners choose hydronic systems simply because they allow for baseboard and floor heating, which can be a wonderful luxury.

Other advantages of hydronic systems include:

  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Quieter operation
  • More energy-efficient
  • Lower utility bills



Hire an Expert Hydronic System Technician

If you're looking for a qualified plumber to handle all of your hydronic system needs, Simeone Plumbing, Inc can help. With years of experience, we can assist you with everything from the installation process to the maintenance of an existing system. Proper maintenance involves having a plumber clean and check all of the connections, test the thermostat, and ensure that all of the pipes are in good condition. If your hydronic system stops providing sufficient heat to your home, there are several different possible causes. Let us come in and inspect your system to determine what may be causing the problem.

Call us today at (707) 414-3995 for professional help from a Santa Rosa hydronic system specialist. We also serve residents throughout Sonoma County.

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