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Santa Rosa Water Heater Repair

Comprehensive Water Heater Service & Replacement

Your water heater powers everything from the water in your shower to your dishwasher and washing machine. While most units are built to last for many years—decades even—without much problem, daily use takes a toll on any equipment. If your water heater is having trouble keeping up with your demands or is starting to leak, it's time to call for professional help from one of our experts on Santa Rosa water heaters. At Simeone Plumbing, Inc., we have more than a decade of experience providing homeowners throughout Sonoma County with water heater repair, replacement, and installation services.

We service all types of water heaters, including:

  • Electric tankless water heaters
  • Gas tankless water heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Electric water heaters

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Choosing a Water Heater for Your Home

If you are choosing a new or replacement water heater for your home, it's important to consider a few factors. For one, the size of your home and the space needed should be considered, as well as the ideal fuel type. Additionally, you should think about your budget. Our Santa Rosa water heater repair team can install all types of hot water heater tanks and systems and assist you in the decision making process. We are more than qualified to help you make the best decision for your home, including which model is right for you and where it should be installed.

A few signs that you may need to replace your hot water heater include:

  • Lack of sufficient hot water
  • Water is not getting hot / Lukewarm or uncomfortable water
  • Strange noises coming from the system
  • Water coming out of the unit
  • Higher than usual water bills

Rapid Water Heater Repair Service

A replacement is not always necessary, especially if your water heater is less than 10-15 years old. When our Santa Rosa water heater technicians inspect your equipment, we look for the most cost-effective solution. If we are able to make repairs to your equipment to solve the problem, we will offer our recommendation. At Simeone Plumbing, Inc., keeping your unit working is our top priority. In addition to repairs, we can offer preventive maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and providing sufficient hot water.

Let our team at Simeone Plumbing, Inc. help with your water heater repair in Santa Rosa. Inquire by calling us at (707) 414-3995.

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