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Repairing Toilet Leaks and Clogs Fast

If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom with a new toilet or if you are looking for a repair on your current unit, look no further than Simeone Plumbing, Inc where our highly rated plumbing technicians get the job done fast. We can service broken toilets and we can help you decide on whether replacement of a new system would be beneficial as well as provide expertise on different types and models currently out on the market. With all the tools and experience we can bring to your situation, we can give you a quick, efficient, and informative experience that will leave you feeling more in control of your home plumbing and less worried about future problems.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

Your toilet is something you use every single day and is something you don't really think about breaking until it finally decides to stop working. When your toilet malfunctions, by noticing some signs it can be crucial to keeping your toilet from completely failing.

  • Constant Clogging - 
    Having a toilet clog on a regular basis is not a normal thing. If you notice that your toilet is frequently clogging, you may have a faulty part or a there may be severe blockage in the plumbing system. Contact us for professional help.
  • Faulty Flushing - 
    Have you had to flush your toilet multiple times in order to finish the job? You most likely have a problem with your handles mechanism for flushing the toilet. Faulty flushing can also mean that your toilet may have clogged water jets or even something like low water pressure.
  • Toilet Leaks - 
    With a toilet leak, you have the most severe symptom for a toilet that is in need of repair. Leaks can cause further issues like mold, structural damage and even mold. If your toilet has a broken seal, you will notice water forming around the base of the toilet itself.

We always unclog toilets fast and leave your bathroom plumbing in prime condition. Contact us at (707) 414-3995.

Our toilet repair expertise includes:

  • Fast repair for toilet clogs
  • Toilet installation for various types and brands
  • Advice on brands when replacing a toilet
  • Improvements to your bathroom plumbing

Emergency Plumbing for Your Bathroom and Your Home

We understand that you need a plumber who takes your problems seriously. Our Santa Rosa plumbers never jump on a problem until we have listened fully to your concerns and specific requests. Respect and a friendly attitude are hallmarks of our plumbing team, and we want you to feel like your issues, whether a clogged toilet, malfunctioning water heater, or a broken bathroom fixture have been given all the attention they require.

For attentive and friendly service on your bathroom plumbing, call us at (707) 414-3995!

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